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Many times Volunteering is seen as giving back to someone in need who is less fortunate than the volunteer, or simply doing something good for someone else without pay.

While these are definitely some of the more well known perspectives of volunteerism, there are so many more reasons to volunteer in the Cayman Islands.

A great way to volunteer is to combine your interests with community activities that give back. You'll find making new friends, gaining new skills, sharing in positive experiences to be a fun, rewarding and active way to volunteer.

For example, I've recently picked up a new hobby and learned to Scuba dive through Ocean Frontiers . It's amazing to get below the surface of our clear seas and have a quiet beautiful world open it's arms to my wide eyes!

Now, I'm sure by now you've heard about the Lion Fish invasion and the negative impact that this invasive species is having on our marine life.

I've already contacted the Department of Environment to register for the Lionfish removal course and once I have that new training under my belt will get to enjoy some of the Caribbean's best dive spots through a cost effective $40CI 2 tank dive lionfish hunt and then enjoy the some deliciously fresh caught fish afterwards!

So for just a couple of hours of my time I get to learn a skill, increase my awareness, meet new people, get active, help protect marine life and enjoy my new hobby of diving!

You'll find that there are many different ways to volunteer in the Cayman Islands and the rewards aren't just in what you give but in the experiences you receive.


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