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It's important to honor our commitments. Most volunteers start off with great intentions, but as our world changes, so does our ability to manage things.

So if you are feeling overwhelmed, take a step back to breath and assess what you can really do. After all volunteering takes your time and energy.

Before making a commitment to volunteer, take a step back and assess what you love doing, what you are good at, the days and times you can offer to volunteering and how this all fits in with your life goals and the current direction you're moving in.

Research volunteer opportunities before making the commitment. Understand how much time the organization is asking for from you, the tasks that you are being asked to do, the level of support that can be given if you have to step away, the impact and benefits to those that you are helping. Putting this research time in really helps volunteers to see the "Big Picture" and what they can happily offer while maintaining the other responsibilities in life.

So now that the initial research has been done, you've you've signed up to be a volunteer and you're ready to do some good stuff!

That's great to know that you're ready to lend a helping hand :-) Maybe this is your first time volunteering or maybe you've been helping out for years. Either way there are a few basics to making your helping hand the strongest it can be!

Giving your time means being on time. Remember you may have signed up for a specific time shift and so others are counting on you to be there when you said you will be. Getting there early also helps volunteers get into the swing of things, get questions answered beforehand and helps everything run more smoothly.

Volunteer to do something that you love doing and/or are good at doing. This makes volunteering more fun for everyone and the results are always better when you do something you enjoy.

Communicate with the Volunteer coordinator. This gives the organization great insight to resolving issues, making improvements and creating an overall successful volunteer experience.


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